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Light and Shadow


Background Inspiration


Louis Kahn was a highly important modern architect in the post-World War II United States. Based in Philadelphia and known for his monumental and brutalist style while highlighting the materials involved in a building's construction, he rightfully deserves a place among the 20th century's most important architects.

was one of America's most influential modernist architects. With complex spatial compositions and a choreographic mastery of light, Kahn created buildings of archaic beauty and powerful universal symbolism.

Making of Form & Order

Making of Form & Order

The purpose of this project is to design a proposed non-denominational chapel located on the campus of Farmingdale State College. The College wants this to be a profoundly spiritual place that people of all faiths can worship and reflect on life’s events.


The College believes this can be achieved by the creative use of light. This project requires creative methods of controlling the entrance of light into a space and requires a solution for the conflict between the built environment and the natural environment. 

I came up with a solution for that conflict by analyzing the patterns on the existing campus site and by looking at the seasonal light patterns and angles. I used the analysis to influence the site location and the orientation and design of the chapels.


Background Research


I researched the First Unitarian Church of Rochester. built in the 1960's, spanning across eight acres of land. It is regularly visited and studied by architects, students, and tourists from around the world. The exterior of the building represents cemetery and pattern throughout.

The interior of the building is distant with light and shadow, the contrast is bold, The light washing across the walls on all corners of the building, the ceiling symbolizes the holy cross indicating the buildings purpose a church. From the inside you can see the techniques that Louis Kahn used while experimenting with light and dark. 


Contextual Analysis & Sun Angles

contextual #1.jpg
contextual #2.jpg
sunagles .jpg
Sunangles #2.jpg

Site Plans & Sorting

campus map 257 conner george.jpg
campus map 257 conner george #2.jpg




257 circulation project #3.jpg

My analysis of campus circulation and the sun angle analysis helped influence my decision of where to place my site. The site I chose would allow the chapel to receive a lot of direct sunlight from the South. 

I have placed it near the macro-vehicular circulation. This would mean the chapel would get a lot of attention and draw people to come in and enjoy the space.

: Chapel Location 

257 extieror view.jpg

Building in Surrounding Context

257 extieror view#2.jpg

East View:

West View:


1. Main Chapel
2. Memorial Chapel
3. Meditation Chapel
4. Secular

Sorting of Spaces:

Religious:                         Secular:
Main Chapel                    Offices
Memorial Chapel             Conference Room
Meditation Chapel           Library

Design Process 

render 257 project3.png
chapel design (1) (1)-Temp0005.png
chapel design (1) (1)-Temp0008.png

Final Floor Plan

chapel layout FINAL.jpg

Final 3D Exterior

chapel 3d exterior render #2.png
chapel 3d exterior render #3.png
chapel 3d exterior render #4.png
chapel 3d exterior render #5.png


North Elevation

Screenshot 2023-05-15 080244.jpg

South Elevation

Screenshot 2023-05-15 080149.jpg

East Elevation

Screenshot 2023-05-15 080026.jpg

West Elevation

Screenshot 2023-05-15 080220.jpg


chapel design-Layout2.jpg
chapel 3d individual chapels #3.png
chapel 3d individual chapels #4.png
chapel 3d individual chapels #5.png

Meditation Chapel

Memorial Chapel

Main Chapel

chapel section #1.png
chapel section #2.png
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